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Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna


Tresrefugis The landscape around the refuge is completely bare of trees because they do not survive the rigorous climate of high mountain.The woods during the approach to find shelter come from the throats of Queralbs Freser or the refuge Carançà, but when we overcome the 1,800 m. height, vegetation is reduced to pasture.
Marcolic_groc When the snow and up before reaching the heat of summer, around the refuge are dressed with a colorful carpet of flowers of great beauty where we find gentians, marcòlic, Pastorelli, etc.. In early summer, the grass is green and plentiful, but the station goes under the sun was burning and changing color to be yellow.

The shelter Coma de Vaca, enjoy watching many species of animals. In May and June, without leaving the room, you can go see the other side of the window mouflon groups. Occasionally you'll see two males and a female vie for offering us the spectacle of strokes that occur with any of its twisted horns


Throughout the year the chamois are present throughout the territory. It's amazing agility with which they move.

Marmota If you're lucky you can see the fox go quietly. When you hear some screams looking for strong and sharp near and find funny marmots

When it rains for days and the atmosphere becomes wet it can find the quiet salamanders with its spectacular yellow and black.


Voltor We found many birds (golden eagle, hawk, crow, sparrow hawks, partridges white ...) but the kings of the area are the vultures. You will see many groups flying over the mountains in search of a dead animal. When you are down we can see its spectacular size that sometimes come close to the three-meter wingspan.


In Coma de Vaca you lucky enough to see the legendary bonesbreaker. Is known for its orange belly and you're lucky, you will see the launch bones from 50 or 100 m. to break them and eat '


And no, you will surely find a shepherd guarding their herds of cows, horses or lambs. Take it to chat with these people in the valleys