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TREKKING: It is the main activity area. The possibilities are very different as we do to other hiking mountain refuges or dedicate ourselves to climb peaks of almost 3000 meters, among them the Puigmal Torreneules, Balandrau, Infern, Bastiments ...

MOUNTAIN SKY: The skiing is the best way to access the refuge Coma de Vaca during the winter months. In general paths are always simple and when snow and weather conditions are favorable.

ROCK CLIMBING: Around the refuge is an interesting equipping school sport climbing routes with 20 to 100 m. high (50 equipped routes and to open many more possibilities). The rock is granite and the difficulties ranging from 5 to 7b. All channels are equipped with bolts. The review will find refuge Coma de Vaca.

ICE CLIMBING: The rigorous winter climate of the high Freser makes numerous frozen waterfalls is offering us the opportunity to practice ice climbing. In general, waterfalls are one long and difficult variables. We can also make climbing different peaks along the route corridors (Balandrau, Infern, Pic de la Vaca,...).

CANYONING: We can make the descent of the river from the refuge Freser Coma de Vaca to the central Daios. Another fall classic is the Núria River.

SNOWSHOEING: The snowshoes offer an easy and practical to move us in winter conditions. The best access to shelter Coma de Vaca in winter conditions will Ulldeter from the refuge following the GR-11 • 7 or from Nuria Torreneules. The access from the Fresser gorges through the engineers way to advise the winter.